Bud Kramer and Cal Kramer are in charge of all our refuse and recyclable collection. We contract with Waste Management for taking it away.

Town of Eastman collection point for all Refuse and Recyclables:
113 N Water St.
Eastman, WI 54626

8 AM to 1 PM Every Saturday (Note: Collection times may be adjusted for those Saturdays that fall on a holiday. Please contact us for info.)

Waste Management

PH: 888-960-0008

Items NOT Permitted in our Dumpsters:

  • Mattresses or Box Springs
  • Electronics
  • Heavy Furniture such as:
  • Vehicle Parts
  • Wet Paint Cans (dried and empty are okay)

Note: Town dumpsters are NOT to be used by residents doing heavy remodeling or new construction. Those residents should have a construction dumpster on their site, as the Town will not allow such waste from these large projects.

Note: Crawford County typically has a clean sweep periodically for electronics, pesticides, fertilizer, medication, etc. (no fees typically)

Note: Town of Eastman and/or Crawford County typically has a used tire collection (fee required) during each year.